Why DC Power Optimizer

Solar PV output frequently drops out due to shading or low irradiance condition. DC power optimizers always perform maximum power point tracking (MPPT) but keeps output voltage sufficiently high to avoid the system shutdown. They can be connected in series with low-voltage output or paralleled with high-voltage output.

Paralleled DC Power Optimizer

Enertronics, Inc. specializes the paralleled type DC power optimizer that performs MPPT to ensure maximum energy production while regulating a high output voltage to match the down-stream inverter voltage. Our unique paralleled DC Power Optimizer can independently and continuously send the high-voltage dc output for the string inverter connection even under low irradiance and shaded condition


Nominal output power: 300 - 450 W

Nominal Input voltage: 35 - 45 V for low-voltage silicon panels, 160 - 200 V for high-voltage thin film panels

Maximum input current: 10 A for low-voltage silicon panels; 2.5 A for high-voltage thin film panels

Output voltage: 375 - 400 V (regulated by down-stream inverter)

Maximum system voltage: 600 V

Maximum Efficiency: 99.2%

CEC Efficiency: 98.9%